6 Common Sense Tips To Avoid Drug Addiction

Millions of Americans struggle with drug addiction. While there are thousands of medical detox centers to treat such disorders—and that’s certainly a blessing—the best way to escape the damage addiction does to health and to everyday functioning is to avoid developing addiction in the first place. That isn’t as simple as it sounds: in an age when many addictive drugs are easily obtained, even from doctors, “it won’t happen in our family” often falls into the “famous last words” category. Here are our top tips for avoiding drug addiction: 1. Learn better ways to cope with problems than “throwing a…

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Heroin Detox: Doing It At Home Could Be Dangerous

At least since the 1970s, many people’s mental image of “drug withdrawal” has featured a heroin addict in cold-turkey agony, doubled up and groaning on a filthy cot. Heroin, after getting somewhat less attention in the late 20th century, has resurged as a national crisis in the wake of widespread prescription-painkiller addiction: the problem of exchanging one opiate for another is now a major concern for those involved in drug rehab, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2015. There are, of course, many types of addictive substances and many forms of detox (some of which are more dangerous than heroin…

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