The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Holistic Addiction Treatment

When treating addiction, most people tend to forget about the role of nutrition in recovery. In reality, restoring nutrition and balance of the body is critical to a successful recovery and maintaining sobriety. Before, during, and after treatment of an addiction, an individual needs to understand the role of nutrition and exercise in a comprehensive (holistic) addiction treatment plan. What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment? Holistic addiction treatment refers to the use of complementary and alternative therapy in treating substance abuse, explains National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Holistic treatment may include acupuncture, breathing exercises, physical exercise, yoga, equine therapy,…

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Alcohol Taking Over Your Life? Learn How Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Can Help

Are you an alcoholic? Is a loved one living for the next drink? Do you or a loved one suffer from changes in behavior, mood, lifestyle? Do you wake up and need an eye-opener drink before you start your day? Perhaps you managed to keep your drinking hidden safely away from loved ones and the boss by hiding the alcohol. Do you deny that you need help because you suffer from fear of going to an alcohol addiction treatment center? Learn how you or your loved one can benefit from treatment for alcohol abuse. Suffer no more. Get the help…

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Top 10 Warning Signs of a Relapse And Tips For Dealing This

A drug rehab program doesn't just focus on patients who are initially coming into the facility once they hit rock bottom. 3 continuously monitor patients to assist in the event a patient relapses. The program wants to build a strong bond with the patient to help him or her to success throughout the rest of life. The patient must be able to recognize the signs of a relapse though in order to receive the treatment he or she needs when he or she needs it most. What is a Relapse? A relapse is any return to the use of alcohol…

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