It’s not Just a Phase: Understanding Teenage Depression

Depression remains the most common mental illness in adults in the U.S. However, many adults tend to forget that depression and other mental illnesses may occur in teenagers as well as children. Often, parents and authoritative figures disregard depressive symptoms as a natural part of adolescence. In reality, the symptoms of depression in teens can be clear indicators of serious, potentially harmful consequences. As a result, parents need to understand teen depression, its signs and symptoms, and how its treatment differs from the depression of adults. What is Teen Depression? Just like adult depression, teen depression refers to the irrational,…

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Depression In Teens: What They Should Expect During Detox

Many adults tend to think of depression as an adult disorder, but depression can affect teenagers and children as well. Furthermore, depression treatment in teenagers is more complex than adult treatment due to the ongoing development of cognitive, physical and developmental changes during adolescence. Understanding the problem of depression in teens can help focus efforts to cure it. Statistics On Teen Depression According to the US National Library of Medicine, 20 percent of teenagers experience depression. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America characterizes two primary forms of depression affecting teens: major depression and dysthymia. Major depression lasts for a…

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